Julius Caesar

by William Shakespeare

Original Music, Sound Design, Video Design:

Pioneer Theatre Company 2006

Directed by: CHARLES MOREY
Costume Design: SUSAN BRANCH
Lighting Design: TOM MUNN
Hair and Makeup Design: AMANDA FRENCH

Music composed Joe Payne ©2006.

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Composed using Acid Loop percussion and synth choir lines. A possible not too distant future, but reminiscent of the past. The music was created to fit with the video projections described below. This design was presented at the USITT Prague Quadrennial 2007, the most prestigious exhibition of theatrical design in the world.

Julius Caesar Demo

Sound Plot.pdf

A demo of the projection videos that played on the set during transitions. Designed and created by Joe Payne. They were visuals portraying war, riots, ghosts, and live feeds of Antony and Brutus at a press conference, giving their speeches to the world.

Julius Caesar Projection Video Clip