Sound Design and Composition

The Crucible

by Arthur Miller
Clarence Brown Theatre 2016

Director Calvin MacLean
Scenic Designer Ron Keller
Costume Designer Olivia Trees
Lighting Designer Kenton Yeager
Sound Designer/Composer Joe Payne

"This searing play chronicles the historical events in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. The fear and accusations of Salem may be an aberration of the American Dream, but it has lent its name to later witch hunts that recur from time to time in the ongoing American story."

Inspired, in part, by the 2015 film The Witch, this production interweaves tension and the threat of supernatural throughout.  The music was specifically modern and pulsing but hearkens back to colonial times. Transitions combine music and sound effects for an emotional and driving lift to the action. An intimate and powerful production of a classic script.
Designer Ron Keller’s set of rough-hewn boards, aided by the lighting of Kenton Yeager, created a sense of depth in the limited space of the Carousel Theatre. Joe Payne’s impressive soundtrack of music and environmental effects was immersive and beautifully subliminal. -by Alan Sherrod – Knoxville Mercury Article Link
Original Music and Effect Sequences

Photos by Brynn Yeager