by William Shakespeare

Sound Design

The Egyptian Theatre Company 2001

Directed by Kyle Lewis

Music by Ether ©2000.

A post-apocalyptic world. For this production we decided that the witches would be voices on the wind and in the mind of Macbeth. A true collaboration with Director Kyle Lewis.

Macbeth witches sequence


YeagerLabs 1/6 Scale Theatre -
Light/Sound/Projection Workshops

Recently (Fall 2011), I have been presenting workshops for theatre conferences with Kenton Yeager, the creator of the YeagerLab.  It's a 1/6th scale theatre lab, with the ability to teach lighting, sound, scenery, projections, and staging, with the ease and comfort of a classroom and 20amp circuit.  It's been fun to be a part of such a neat way to teach theatre concepts.  The following movie is a projection design created for these conferences.  The only reason for it being on this page, is that it utilizes this production's sound design. I have always wanted a visual for this page, since the sound demo always seems to catch the attention of students, but archival photos of this production are long since lost. The design (projections and sound) was presented through Qlab, over 50 cueable elements, speakers emulating a 7.1 surround system, a 4000 lumen projector, and rear projected through a leno-filled scrim.