Twelfth Night

by William Shakespeare

Original Music and Sound Design

The Utah Shakespearean Festival 2007

Director B. J. Jones
Scenic Designer Bill Forrester
Costume Designer Janet L. Swenson
Lighting Designer Donna Ruzika

Music composed by Joe Payne ©2007.

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Quite a large project, consisting of fully composed music, adapted traditional violin solos, and music composed for live musicians and actors. Middle Eastern Gypsy Royalty was the concept. I found some evocative gypsy violin solos which I then re-edited almost from scratch and added orchestration (synth violins have come a long way, but still don't quite compete with the real thing). The live music was meant to have impact on a modern sensibility, so while not quite historically accurate, it does have energy, simplicity, and elegance that I felt was appropriate for the production. You definitely can't miss the Middle Eastern Flavor of this score. I am the performer on the live actors demo. The actual actors added qualities of their characters to the music infusing a theatrical energy to the live music that is missing in the demos.

12th Night Original Music for Live Actors
The Rain It Raineth Every Day, Come Away Death, Orsino's sad music, Oh Mistress Mine, The Catch.
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12th Night Adapted Music demo
The solo violin was pulled from various found sources, then heavily edited. All other orchestration by Joe Payne.
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12th Night Original Music demo
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