Miss Saigon

by Claude-Michel Schönberg and Alain Boublil, with lyrics by Boublil and Richard Maltby, Jr.

Sound Design for a Musical, Media Design

Pioneer Theatre Company 2009

Director/Choreographer Karen Azenberg
Assistant Director/Choreographer Maria Totten
Musical Director Edward G. Robinson
Assistant Musical Director Dan Bailey
Set Designer George Maxwell
Costume Designer K.L. Alberts
Lighting Designer Karl E. Haas
Hair and Make-up Designer Amanda French

After Les Miserables and The Producers, I thought shows couldn't get much bigger. Boy, was I wrong. As of 2009, the largest musical I have designed. It's surprising how fast 64 channels gets eaten up.

A hugely collaborative project. While I spent much of the process on the giant sound design, The Director, Assistant Director, and Scenic Designer found much of the source material for the projections, and with their guidance I put it all together.

The following opening sequence included a click track for the conductor to follow. I thought it was interesting, so I kept it in.

When Thuy comes back as a nightmare, we decided to have his ghostly self on the screen behind.

For the 2008-09 season, I was asked to create web video advertising. I taped our invited audience dress rehearsals, and created something that would show off the productions on our website. It is no accident that they also showed off a bit of the sound design as well.

Photos by Bob Clayton