Translated by Robert Bagg
Music by Joe Payne  © copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

Original Cast Recording

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Joe Payne - Sequencing, Keyboard, Guitar
Dave Payne - Guitar, Bass  

Dionysus - Andy Rindlisbach, Pentheus - Ryon Sharette, Agave - Gabrielle Gaston, Kadmos - Kory Kyker, Messenger - John Terry, The Bakkhai: Melissa Burns - Leader, Lauren Bradley, Stuart Ford, Nathaniel Hinckley, Marin Kohler, Ali Vance, Gwen de Veer.

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Performed at Red Butte Garden, September 2009, Presented by The Classical Greek Theatre Festival and U Theatre. Produced by Jim Svendsen, Directed by L.L. West, Choreographed by Darlene Casanova, Brenda Van der Wiel - Costumes Designer, Joe Payne - Set Designer, Tom McCosh - Sound Engineer, Rachel Zimmerman - Make-up/Wig Designer, Katie Mzik - Stage Manager, Chase Heltzel - Assistant Stage Manager, Serena LeFevre - Assistant Stage Manager, Kyle Becker - Technical Director, Karen Porcher - Props Designer, Barbara Sturgis - Production Manager, Amanda French - Make-up/Wig Advisor.