Sound Design and Composition

Titus Andronicus

by William Shakespeare

Clarence Brown Theatre, University of Tennessee Knoxville 2016

Director: John Sipes
Scenic Designer: Christopher Pickart
Costume Designer: Bill Black
Lighting Designer: Kenton Yeager
Sound Designer/Composer: Joe Payne

All music composed by Joe Payne © 2016

Designed to be Elizabethan in nature and epic in scale, this production focused on the consequences of tragic choices. In this score, instrumentation followed character. Bells signified Lavinia, while cello and drums followed Titus. Aaron was accompanied by cymbals and the murderous boys were a angry dobro.  Simple but powerful brass signified the state, and Tamora always had tonal beds.

Music and Effects Collage:

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Photos by Brynn Yeager, Album Art by Joe Payne