Sound Design


by Ira Levin
Syracuse Stage 2017

Director: Paul Barnes
Scenic Designer: William Bloodgood
Costume Designer: Susan Branch Towne
Lighting Designer: Lonnie Rafael Alcaraz
Sound Designer: Joe Payne

"Sidney Bruhl is a successful playwright lately plagued by a series of flops. When a sure-fired hit drops into his hands courtesy of a young student, Bruhl concocts a devilish plan that twists and turns its roller coaster course right through to the final moments."

Mystery, suspense, and a storm.  Music chosen for the emotion and scale of this intimate who-dun-it. Selections included cello quartet versions of Asturias, Rastrelli, La Strada, and Piazolla.
Levin intended the show for Broadway, and it gains measurably from first-class production values, such as scenic designer William Bloodgood’s stylish but dated interiors, Lonnie Rafael Alcaraz’s brilliant and perfectly timed lighting design, and Joe Payne’s sound design for things that go bump in the night. The ones we can’t talk about.
-by James MacKillop, Syracuse New Times Article Link
Music and Effect Sequences

Photos by Michael Davis