Sound Design and Composition

Henry V

by William Shakespeare
The Utah Shakespeare Festival 2016

Director Brian Vaughn
Scenic Designer Scott Davis
Costume Designer David Kay Mickelsen
Lighting Designer Donna Ruzika
Sound Designer/Composer Joe Payne

A terrific end to an incredible trilogy. This production was the culmination of design, concept, and characterization, as we follow the life of young Hal, and his journey towards the responsibilities of leadership. We never lost sight of the weakness and strength of man, duty vs. desires, sacrifice, and loyalty.  Sonically, I was interested in scoring all of the Chorus, delicately heightening his call for the audience to imagine the world of the play, and driving the audience towards the strength of war, and the tenderness of love. See the prequels here:  Henry IV Part 1 and 2.
Joe Payne's complex sound design — waves, wind, marching feet, cannons and swishing arrows — adds another emotional layer to the play, complementing the original music that underscores Henry's monologues and the somber singing of "Non Nobis, Domine."
-Barbara M. Bannon, The Salt Lake Tribune Article Link

The sets, music and lighting are equal to the challenge of this virile play: the stage is festooned with floor to ceiling banners, the battle scenes thunder across the smoky planks, and Bardolph’s execution proves physically poignant.
-by Shawn Rossiter Artists of Utah Article Link
Music and Effect Sequences

Photos by Karl Hugh