Sound Design and Projection Design

A Christmas Carol

by Charles Dickens

Clarence Brown Theatre, The University of Tennessee Knoxville 2012-15

Director: Casey Sams (2012-13)
Director: Micah-Shane Brewer (2014-15)
Musical Director: Terry Silver-Alford
Set Design: Christopher Pickart
Costume Design: Bill Black
Lighting Design: Catherine Girardi (2012-13)
Lighting Design: John Horner (2014-15)
Sound and Projection Design: Joe Payne (2012-14)
Projection Design: Tannis Kapell (2015)
Sound Design: Joe Payne (2015)

A truly delightful production. The entire production felt actor generated, my favorite kind. Beautiful music of three live musicians, and a talented cast, created an energetic and stunning take on an old classic.

Included in the Prague Quadrennial 2015 International Design Exhibition as one of 20 artists selected to represent the USA Exhibit.
"Overall, creative lighting and sound, along with set design and projection technology, are used well. A large projection screen as an interactive backdrop beautifully sets the changing moods of scenes. But the technique was most impressive when a huge, moving, changing image of the black-robed Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come was projected onto the screen, turning the screen into an important character." 
- Amy McRary, Knoxville News Sentinel
A Christmas Carol Projection Demo for 2013

A Christmas Carol Projection Demo for 2012, taken from archival footage.

A Christmas Carol Future Demo

Projection Block Diagram, Projector Placement, Sound Block diagram, Speaker Placement, Sound Q Plot

Photos by Brynn Yeager, Josafath Reynoso, and Timothy Hart. Actors include: David Kortemeier as Scrooge, and Thomas Anthony Quinn as Jacob Marley. The actor behind the robe of Christmas Yet To Come was our choreographer, Cody Pratt.