Sound Design and Projection Design

The 39 Steps

by Patrick Barlow

Clarence Brown Theatre 2015

Director: Kate Buckley
Scenic Design: Nevena Prodanovic
Costume Design: Bill Black
Lighting Design: Jaymi Lee Smith
Sound and Projection Design: Joe Payne

Whenever four actors play multiple roles in a setting that is comprised of furniture on casters, you can count on a lot of sound cues to tell the audience where we are. Couple that with clowns, vaudeville, murder, and mystery, and you have the ingredients for hundreds of sound cues and a riotous good time. Below are a few of my favorite, but just the tip of the iceberg.  Unlike many previous productions of this play, we decided to set this one on a sound-stage instead of a vaudeville hall, which allowed for a stronger sense of Film Noir.

Sound Design Collage:

The Utah Shakespeare Festival 2010

Director Eli Simon
Scenic Designer Jo Winiarski
Costume Designer David Mickelson
Lighting Designer Jaymi Lee Smith
Sound Designer Joe Payne

Photos by Nevena Prodanovic, Brynn Yeager, Karl Hugh